Hand in Grains

Brewing Beer With Steeping Grains

These days, almost all homebrewers start their journey into homebrewing with a beer kit: malt extract, a packet of yeast, and the dream of making delicious beer in their very own home. Some beer kits also include specialty grains for steeping. Steeped grains add color, body, and flavor to your [More...]
Malt Extract in Bowl

Why Homebrew with Extract?

Homebrewers start and progress in the craft through varying technical levels. Today, many homebrewers enter the hobby using a beer brewing kit. Some will dabble with grains and malt extract recipes or experiment with all-grain brewing. And some still will go on to enter competitions or become [More...]
Beer on Barrels

How Brewing Beer Shaped History

Today, beer is the third most commonly consumed beverage in the world, trailing behind only tea and water. It is a drink that is rich in history spanning thousands of years. Beer can be traced back to the earliest civilizations and is one of the oldest beverages ever produced. In fact, some experts [More...]
Boiling Corn

Beer Brewed From Corn

For millenniums, throughout the Andes, especially Peru, a traditional beer was made using corn. The preparation and consumption of this corn beer can still be found in a small number of villages in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, but the practice isn't common further away. Much of this has to do with [More...]