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About Us

This isn't the paperweight you made for Father's Day.
This is beer.

This club started with a mission: to provide everyone with the joy of beer. Not just any beer. Homemade beer, hand-crafted by you.

Artisan Brew Club puts the power in your hands to brew your own unique touch and flavor.

Brewing is about sharing. This isn't the paperweight you made for Father's Day in grade school. This is beer, lovingly crafted to relish and savor and to revel in all its hoppy glory. Brewing beer is about more than just drinking beer. Brewing beer is about taking the time to create something that you can call your very own.

Let's create something for you to call your very own.


Head Brew Guy
Adventurer extraordinaire and real neat guy who likes puppies and hates mean things, Nate enjoys Belgian beers and believes that you do not have to be a monk to make them.
Chief Beer Officer
An astute lover of milk stouts and coffee porters, Loc also enjoys drowning his food in sriracha sauce and reminding people about how he used to work out. Like, a lot. Like, two or three times a week.

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